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The Multiverse Collaboration Between Kaal Watch & 47Ronin Watch Straps

47ronin logo

In conjunction with our first model release - Multiverse collection, we are happy to announce our first collaboration with 47Ronin Watch Straps (Mr. Tong). His artwork is 100% inspired by the Japanese tradition and the material used are mostly from the land of the rising sun (Japan) itself.

As we are releasing our first 3 models - Gaea (Earth), Sol (Sun) and Artemis (Moon), Mr. Tong had specially hand-made 3 different version of straps that is truly inspired by them.
- the strap colour choice has been chosen to represent each dial.
- 4 different circle sizes on each end of the strap that represents planets in our solar system.
- the kimono fabric inlay with added silvery and golden fabric is different from one to another and was chosen to match the colour theme.
- the stitching colour for each variation is different to match the colour theme as well.
- 「陽」「地」「月」Kanji characters for “Sol (sun)”, “Gaea (earth)” and “Artemis (moon)” engraved on strap loop.
- Stainless steel butterfly clasp buckles with matching colour theme.

Material of Strap:
- made from Tochigi leather, a natural vegetable tannin
- instilled with kimono textile fabric from Kyoto
- preinstalled with quick release spring bar

- Length: 125/75, 130/80, 135/85 (can be customised as requested)
- Lug: 22mm
- Buckle: 20mm
- Thickness: 3.5mm

- Name engraving on underside (up to 8 characters)
- 47Ronin logo embossed on underside
- 47Ronin engraved logo on underside
- “47” stitching on strap loop
- Kimono textile fabric design is unique for each strap, no two straps will appear the same.
- A unique serial number will be given to each strap, indicating the “n”th strap crafted by 47Ronin
- Stainless steel butterfly clasp buckle increase the lifespan of the strap by preventing regular bending of the strap when putting on and taking off.

- Japanese design paper envelop
- Product description card with serial number
- Message card for gifts (if required)
- Bubble wrap envelop outer packaging

Time required:
- Crafting: 4-5 weeks (depending on availability and shipping of material from Japan)
- Shipping: 1-2 weeks (depending on global logistic situation)

- 290USD each
- International free shipping